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  • Have business processes kept pace with the organisation’s growth?
  • Has poor visibility and inconsistency in process meant it is hard to locate exactly where the issues are within the business?
  • Are your customers’ experience suffering due to a breakdown in business process?
  • How will your processes and people adapt to the changes required when the merger/new acquisition occurs?
  • Are your employees worried about how the new infrastructure project will change how they conduct their role within the business?

Business Process and Implementation

Power to Process specialises in business process and implementation.

Power to Process specialises in business process and implementation. The companies we help are usually either growing quickly, expanding to incorporate new businesses, introducing a major new system/operating model, or are finding that their processes of yesterday can no longer support and adapt to the current size of the business today.

We find staff have been employed to cover for outdated processes and over time frustrations and an inability to manage change leads to frequent staff turnover and negative impacts on customer service and on time delivery.


Our clients consistently seek our advice to answer one or more of the following problems:

  • Business processes have not kept pace with the organisation’s growth
  • Poor visibility and inconsistency in process has led to a frustrated and stressed workforce struggling to meet the demands of the business. Poor visibility has meant it is hard to locate exactly where the issues are within the business
  • Customer experience is suffering due to a breakdown in business process
  • Processes and people are struggling to adapt to the changes required when a merger/new acquisition occurs
  • Employers are worried about ensuring existing business processes are upgraded to support the implementation of a new infrastructure project
  • A new strategic direction has been agreed with no clear plan on how to embed it into the fabric of the walls

So how do we achieve this?

Power to Process takes organisations on a journey that invigorates its staff, builds capability within the organisation and delivers a clear blueprint for sustainable change.

The following 4 steps outline our methodology:

Step 1: Uncover the issues

A business process review should always start with understanding the current state of your business through the identification and documentation of the key processes within your business. Mapping both the internal flow of information and the customer engagement process as well as measuring the time and cost of each step will highlight those areas that are causing pain both internally and externally.

Step 2: Create new processes that provide leverage and scale while supporting your new operating model or system

The next step is focused on redesigning your processes to be efficient, streamlined and ready to support the delivery of your strategy. Throughout this step we will also uncover future systems requirements, understanding of future resourcing needs, roles and responsibilities and ensuring your processes deliver exceptional customer service with strong internal KPI’s.

Step 3: Identify the blueprint required to embed the new processes within your business.

The third step is to create an action plan. The action plan will not only identify the documents required to realign your business but also any organisational, system and people changes.

Step 4: Implementing your new blueprint

The final step in the process is implementation. Working with your business we ensure resourcing is available to make the changes required as per the action plan. It is at this stage that process changes can be filtered down into new/altered tasks. We engage the organisation through designing a change management plan that ensures all stakeholders are engaged, trained and communicated with and ready for the new process.

Our Change Management Methodology

If your organisation is going through a period of transformation and dealing with any of the themes highlighted above, we would love the opportunity to learn more and see if we can be of service.

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