The organisations that seek our help are aware that something is very wrong. Usually when we sit down to chat with a senior leader in an organisation, they describe frustration that is experienced internally, usually resulting in staff turnover and a significant impact to both customers and business reputation. Answers are sought and our first question to ask is :

Have the business processes kept pace with the organisation’s growth?

What used to work in a contained and smaller environment no longer works when an organisation is growing. Time and time again we see more and more people are employed without looking at the business processes that provide the layer of infrastructure that supports an organisation. So people just end up covering for processes that no longer cut it.

Most times, the need is identified that something needs to be done however organisations are unaware just what it takes to conduct business process transformation well. It is a relatively quick job to document the processes as they stand today, redesign a process blueprint for expected growth and create an implementation plan to get there.

What takes a signification investment in time, energy and dollars is the implementation of new process. Creating a new culture that embeds the future processes into the fabric of the walls. Without doubt this is a 12-18 month process that usually results in significant change, the invigoration of staff, leaving of those staff that won’t want to be part of the new culture and often, significant growth.

Clear communication across all staff and a strong commitment by the senior leaders in the organisation is critical in driving momentum when staff are tempted to regress to the old way of doing things. Change is not easy, but if done well, will deliver significant results to the business driven by business processes that are sustainable and enable future growth. Ultimately, if engaged correctly, the organisation that has gone through business process transformation will never look at process in the same way again. The staff will no longer accept bad process and that’s a good thing!

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