Who We Help

We help business create a culture of innovation, investigate and articulate problems, understand causes, define the answers and implement the solutions.

Business Process and Implementation

Power to Process provides organisational support through a process underpinned by four key phases. Each of these phases can be provided as a standalone program or combined to provide end to end project support.

Phase 1: Diagnose gaps

In phase 1 we help businesses understand what is really going on. We help define the gaps and articulate the opportunities. We engage key stakeholders to identify who is being impacted internally and externally including customers, patients, other departments or external services. This phase focuses on articulating the problems, defining the scope of the change project, costing the ROI for your business and understanding change management planning needs.

Phase 2: Design solutions

In phase 2 we collaborate to design a future state. Using process mapping we articulate how it can be delivered and what is required across a range of areas including communications, reporting, systems, customer touch points, KPI’s, information flow and documents.

Phase 3: Develop Infrastructure

In phase 3 we work closely with your people to develop the infrastructure to enable the new future state. We provide an implementation plan and support in creating documents, policies, training and high-level system requirements

Phase 4: Drive transition

We work closely with our clients to embed the new processes into the day to day operations of the business. This is often the most challenging part of the project. It involves ensuring engagement and alignment occurs at all levels within the organization. It focuses on ensuring resources such as policies, templates, guidelines and appropriate communications and reporting channels are set up to support the organization in the new process. It also involves ensuring teams are set up with the skills and knowledge to deliver through training, mentoring and learning opportunities.

Creating Clarity workshop series

Whether you are starting out on your journey as a business owner/entrepreneur of have been in your own business for a number of years, we can support you in creating clarity for your next steps.

For most clients we focus on addressing the following 5 pillars of your business with every workshop customized to meet the needs of your business.

We generally support our clients over 12 months across two distinct stages. Stage 1 is a series of workshops with stage 2 provided as quarterly reviews. We also provide a standalone program for new business owners.

For more information on the creating clarity workshops, click here

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