In 2007 I found myself in the position of being made redundant. I was a generalist by nature. My previous roles had been in customer service, as a sales rep, brand management, demand planning and I had started the role of business process for Kraft Foods after travelling globally for 6 months (Chicago, Paris and London) helping to design their global forecasting system with 37 others from around the world.

My outplacement consultant had said I was a born consultant so as I loved business process simplification, I thought, how hard can it be? I was 4 weeks pregnant at the time, so I decided to start my own business and my consulting business was born.

My first role was in the government working for DHS (Department of Human Services). I was engaged for 9 weeks and ended up staying for 4.5 years working on a range of projects from creating project plans, designing marketing material but mainly designing processes for an 80 staff business unit that was part of a 120-million-dollar system implementation.

After having my eldest daughter and expecting my next child I left DHS to be a mum and consider my options. 2 failed attempts at network marketing and I went back to what I did best, business process! DHS was in the middle of a merger, so I decided to try the private sector. I started with very small businesses and while I made a difference to the business owner’s lives, it was too easy. I needed a challenge, so I started networking and the size and complexity of my clients increased.

At this stage I was servicing small to medium sized business, but the contracts were short and therefore many were needed to keep the money coming in the door. It was at this stage that I met Kate! What a difference she made to my business. Her back ground across HR, implementation, project and change management was a perfect match to my experience. On top of that, our personalities were perfectly suited, I was the architect and she was the builder, helping me nail the detail in ways I couldn’t. After 12 months of working together we merged our consulting businesses and Power to Process was born.

Our reputation has grown over the last 12 years and we love what we do. Every day we go to work we feel truly blessed to share a passion for our client’s outcomes combined with strong values that back our business direction and strategy. Our clients are delighted with our energy, speed and the positive outcomes we create for their organisations and staff. We work very hard but love every minute of it. We wouldn’t do anything else, this is our calling!